The low hanging Flower

“Imagine posting only a handful pictures each year and still manage to hit the exact day on which MFC does its server change.” – Edi Edhutschek

Trough shelves you get a glimpse of a young lady, sitting on a bench in midst of countless flowers, framing her like a beautiful picture.

“Framing Flowers” or something might have been the better title for this one but to be honest, posting a photo of this figure is a bit of a low hanging fruit. But hey, at least I tried to put some effort into it and have it composed somewhat interesting.

About the figure:

Released in 2021 by Myethos this 1/7 scale figure of Miku made headlines for weeks and months. If you visited MFC during this time, chances are that a photo of her was in the top-ranking for best picture of the day. And even now, six month after her release she is still listed as a “hot item” and new pictures constantly popping up.


Initially I had no plans to pre-order this figure because her look and design didn’t fancy me that much, but ultimately, I ended up buying her on the after market as a present for a friend. Luckily, she agreed to lend me the figure for a bit, to do a video review with her, as well as this photo. So, we both got our money’s worth. And now, after I spent some time with this release I kina get why this Miku is so popular.

It might not be the most ornate sculpt and there is no shortage of great Mikus figures, but this one has a certain elegant charm to it. There are some fine details, you will only notice on second glace and it’s crazy to think about, that a complex figure like this comes all pre-assembled in one piece. Myethos is a rising star on the figure firmament, even if some of their lineup is a bit too overloaded for my taste.

About the series:

My last photo featuring Miku was back in October 2021 and I guess a lot has happened in the Vocaloid realm. So, if I look up recent news stories on I can see that Goodsmile Racing, where Miku is their mascot, finished the season finale at fourth place and they also revealed the 2022 Racing Miku design by the end of last year.


And then of course there was Miku Day on the 9th of March, celebrating the digital diva as well as the voting period for the Snow Miku outfit 2023 that ended mid-April. More about my thoughts on Miku and Vocaloid in general can be found in one of my older blog entries featuring her.

Thoughts about the picture:

With all those great photos of her out there, it’s hard not to get inspired (aka influenced) in some way. Also, like most figures that come with added surroundings the theme is already pretty predetermined. But like with all my projects I tried to add my own spin. As always it was great fun to craft the miniature furniture and the style of traditional Chinese huanghuali was a nice change of pace.


The two shelves in the background are relatively straight forward builds but the round one was a bit of a challenge. For the base I used the cardboard cover from a cylindrical shaped box and removed the top. After that I covered the ring with very thin balsawood, in order to get the same wooden texture as the rest. The panels in the background I bought online, since I don’t have access to high-tech stuff like my own laser cutter.


For the tree trunks I used the same technique as in my Halloween picture, but this time, instead of leases I added some paper blossoms that should resemble those classic red plum blossoms you often find in paintings. In addition to the plum blossoms, I also made a couple of other flowers while bundling them together to bouquets. Together with those miniature flower vases they turned out lovely and I guess I will hand some of them out as a present for friends and family.


Setting up the picture for a portrait shoot was rather demanding, because the figure itself is basically square shaped and I also wanted to squeeze in all the things I build. Ultimately you really don’t see the two shelves in the background and there wasn’t much space to set up the vases as well. 

To cover up parts of the figure was a conscious decision, because in my opinion it makes the composition look more interesting and also I guess by now, we all know what the figure itself look like.


Sony Alpha 7R II, 55mm Sony lens / ISO 100 /exposure time 1/10 sec. /aperture: f/7.1


Time and effort: It took me a couple of hours to stamp and glue together all the blossoms and to build the furniture, but since the backdrop and the floor is relatively simple the total time it took me to make all the props was manageable.


Costs of the props: The wooden frames and miniatures I ordered online for around forty bucks with shipping and the rest of the stuff really doesn’t matter much in terms of costs.  

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